Cargo Coverage for the Trucking Industry

Cargo Coverage for the Trucking Industry

Those working in the trucking industry provide shipment services for millions of customers and consumer goods every year. For those hiring these services, they are trusting that their product is in good hands and will reach its destination with damage or loss. For the best possible protection, using a carrier with trucking insurance is the safest way to go. If you are a carrier, it’s best to check the coverage options and fully insure your loads.

The Necessity of Coverage

Whether you have local loads for trucks to haul or you need your good to go across the country, there are always dangers associated with the journey. If you are a carrier, you will want to assume coverage that works to protect both your vehicle and the contents housed inside. There are times when the value of the cargo isn’t adequately supported by a general truck liability policy, and in the event of damage or theft, you might be short on replacement funds. To properly insure the cargo, a secondary policy that addresses risks of theft, accident, fire, or other disasters should be in place. This coverage will protect both the shipper and the hauler.

Coverage Types for Each Haul

If you are interested in the types of coverage available for carriers, they range from general liability to options specific to the contents of the trailer. Some of the different materials or goods have unique concerns which require specific insurance. These could include chemical or hazardous loads, live animals, or refrigeration units.

Trucking and cargo insurance do have federal regulatory associations, but the best person to tell you about the coverage you need will be agents, industry experts, and wholesalers. Regardless of who you talk too, it’s important for legal and financial protection to carry a comprehensive policy. Whether a carrier or shipper, be sure your load is covered during transportation.


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