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Four Tips for Creating a Reliable Vulnerability Management Program

Four Tips for Creating a Reliable Vulnerability Management Program

Vulnerability management, especially the process of detecting and fixing vulnerabilities is an arduous task. The 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon revealed that 85 percent of successful breaches arose from the top 10 known vulnerabilities despite the availability of patches for all of them. This report shows that information security teams aren’t effective when it comes to managing vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management consists of multiple stages that should be performed correctly to detect, assess, and patch vulnerabilities before hackers discover and exploit them. It offers an organization the understanding required to lessen security risks in a complex and ever-growing cybersecurity landscape. The development of a vulnerability management should be viewed as an essential part of any business’ security strategy. Here are four practical tips to help you build a robust remote vulnerability management program.

Build Your Vulnerability Facts Base

The first phase of a reliable vulnerability management program is awareness and proper preparation. Evaluate the current state of vulnerabilities. A good vulnerability management program should start by documenting the existing information on common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVS). Ensure your security team is prepared to receive CVE alerts on a regular basis. Keep an information base of these alerts. For you to make use of this information, you will need to put in place a detailed asset inventory that must consist of data assets throughout their lifecycle. This asset inventory must be complete since any omitted data object or endpoint could result in failure of the whole program.

Perform Your Vulnerability Process Knowledge Mapping

The data collected in your knowledge stage will be utilized to perform a mapping exercise to gain a clear understanding of where the weaknesses are likely to be detected. Remember to create a vulnerability management policy document, which will help you decide on the scope and rate of the vulnerability scans that you will perform in the next stage of the process.

Use the Right Tools

Vulnerability scanning is an important part of a sound vulnerability management. It is an automated method of checking the weaknesses in your systems leveraging specialized tools to perform the scan. The scan searches for known vulnerabilities in the system. You should execute a vulnerability scan throughout all networks as well as all the extended endpoints. Since the scan will form metrics and provide a visual illustration of issues, it would be easier to do an analysis and identify potential weakness. Penetration testing is another tool that can be helpful in the identification of possible weaknesses. When you use vulnerability scanning along with penetration testing, you will get a more comprehensive view of potential vulnerabilities.

Apply Your Findings

Giving important vulnerabilities a priority and patching them can save you lots of money and time. Your knowledge base together with vulnerability scan tools will come in handy in this stage. Use penetration-testing tools to verify the results of your vulnerability scan. This way, you will prove that a particular potential vulnerability isn’t a false positive. You need to create remediation exercises or patches to fix weaknesses in your system. Don’t forget to test every patch before implementing it.

With the emergence of new technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), increased enterprise mobility, and big data, our organizational infrastructures are becoming more complex. These incompatibilities and complexities are opening up new avenues and new weaknesses for hackers to exploit. Putting in place a robust vulnerability management program will significantly reduce the opportunities for cybercriminals and lower any possible damage.

Guidelines for Purchasing a New Laptop

Guidelines for Purchasing a New Laptop

There are very many factors to look while picking a good laptop. Apart from the shape and size of the laptop, there are other things that should be used to determine a good laptop. Apart from the portability of a laptop, its ability the run any application installed is also another important feature to look for in a laptop. The ability to run all applications does not only apply in laptops but also in other gadgets like tablets and phones. Another important feature of a laptop and other related equipment is the speed. This is also an important factor because no one likes using a laptop that takes a lot of time to perform a single task.

In order to get the best laptop in the market, one should follow some guidelines that are available on the internet so as not end up buying an undesired laptop. There are some companies that have also included all the features that are important in all the laptops they are selling online. Some companies like Hartford Tech Rentals lists down all the correct features of the laptops they are selling, unlike other sellers who might list down false features in order to attract more customers.

Choose the Platform You Prefer Between Mac, Windows and Chrome OS

This first step is normally the most difficult one for most people especially those who are not well conversant with both Macs and PCs. Many laptops come with one of the three platforms which are Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac OS. One should consider the strengths and weaknesses of all these platforms before picking the right platform for his or her needs.

Consider Whether You Want a 2-in 1 or Not

Most personal computers are categorized into the group of 2-in-1s and hybrid devices that can be changed from the traditional clamshell mode, or sometimes to tablet mode amongst other positions. For the laptops that fall into the category of 2-in-1, there come in two types. The first type is the one with a screen which can be separated from the keyboard and other is the flexible one which has been connected with hinges which can be folded back to 360 degrees. However, if you have no business of using a notebook then it is advisable for you to buy the traditional clamshell model.

Choose Your Specs

The next step is to pick the specs you prefer to use in your computer. Most people are also troubled by this step because some of them are not aware of the options to choose from. Some of the components that you are supposed to choose in this step are the processor, hard drive, RAM and graphics chip.

Check the Battery Life

This is another feature that most people normally ignore while buying a new laptop. Yet, it is among the important features of a good laptop. For those people who like using their laptops on the laps anywhere, it will be advisable to buy a laptop which a battery that can last more than 8 hours.

The Speed of Your Mobile Internet

The Speed of Your Mobile Internet

The mobile web has become something that is accessed more than the stationary internet. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Mobile phones are actually simple to use. Smartphones are also a lot of fun when it comes to the features that are offered. Given that they can fit in your pocket and can always be on, it makes sense that people are more inclined to visit the internet from these smaller mobile devices than even a tablet or a laptop. The convenience and the ease of access makes the mobile internet one of the most visited forms of the internet.

However, there is one thing that can get in the way of mobile internet enjoyment. This is the speed of the mobile data. There are plenty of factors that go into the speed of your internet service. One major factor is the network you are connected to. Mobile phones are designed to automatically connect to the network that allows it to connect to. Therefore, if you are at a place that has slow Wi-Fi, your connection might slow down. You do have the option of switching Wi-Fi off. However, this can take up the bandwidth that you are allowed with the mobile phone.

You are not always going to know how fast your mobile internet is performing. Even if your connection says ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’, it does not mean that you are going to be getting the full extent of the speed of your service. There are other factors that can play into the mobile speed. Fortunately, there are ways that you can test your internet speed. All you have to do to look for a site that will test your mobile speed is type in speed test mobile on the search engine. Afterwards, you will be presented with a few search results.

There is a lot that goes into determining the speed that you can reach the internet. One of the factors that come into play is the bandwidth. This is the amount data that can travel in a certain amount of time. Then there are other issues such as latency, packet loss and even the capability of the computer system that is in work. If you look up information about bandwidth speed factors, you will get to learn about all of the factors that go into the speed of your internet service.

Of course, even taking care of all of the factors that you know about is not going to guarantee the speed of your internet service. There are a ton of things that you have to consider when it comes to your internet speed. One of them is the website you are visiting. Sometimes, a large number of visits occur on the site which cause it to slow down. A similar factor is the amount of data that is being used on the network. Sometimes, all you can do is wait for the traffic to calm down and try again at a later time.

Field Crew Management Made Easier

Field Crew Management Made Easier

Managing a crew of service technician is one of the most tasking responsibilities that come with running an organization. Organizations in the industries of gas supply and utility supply, health care, engineering, telecommunication, mining, HVAC and property maintenance among other have the largest task of managing their team of service technicians. These organizations face the challenges of miscommunication, delays, misappropriation of resources and dissatisfaction of clients that have to be dealt with without failure. In order to ease the burden of this task, innovators have come up with software that can efficiently perform this task without the need for manual work.

Field service management is a system that was developed to keep track of all the components of an organization’s field operations. This may constitute the management of inventories, billings, scheduling, and tracking of company resources like vehicles, dispatching work, ensuring the safety of the employees in the field, accounting and managing the activities of the field technicians as well. The FSM is software that has been developed to do all this automatically with very little input from the admin or the employers. The system employs cloud solutions that aid in data storage and make the process feasible while assisting mobile devices to be able to handle the sophisticated software. It has completely revolutionized the way that employers or managers, their service technicians, and their customers interact with each other.

Through innovation, this system has allowed the employers and the employees to interact with their customers and clients more easily. They are able to receive feedback and share experiences. Information can be delivered to clients more easily by any employee with access to the system hence has improved on communication with clients as well.

This system has made it possible for organizations to ensure that their clients are receiving the service that they paid for in the way they demand. Delays and lack of productivity can be handled faster since it can be detected faster as well hence increasing customer satisfaction.

This system makes management easier, because managing field officers and resources used in the field is complicated and challenging since they are being employed way from the company property. This system makes it easier to know what they are up to, monitor their productivity, and ensure that the organization’s resources are being properly utilized for the benefit of both the client and the company.

These systems perform the management responsibility automatically. This is done by incorporation of algorithms that enhance processes like scheduling and tracking and provide real-time data to anyone with a mobile device. Managers can use this real-time data to perform analysis that can be used to determine the status of a job. Live video feeds can also be used for a similar purpose. This automatically enhances the productivity of both the managers or employers and their service technicians. Billings and inventory can also be done automatically through integration.

How to Make Your First Chatbot Project Successful

How to Make Your First Chatbot Project Successful

Chatbots are the latest trend in the world of digital marketing. They are quickly becoming the main user engagement solution within a digital strategy portfolio of any organization. The rapid increase in innovative messaging platforms through mobile devices and desktop has resulted in the introduction of a new type of conversational app that you can leverage to keep your clients, stakeholders, and staffs engaged across different locations at any time. Voice-activated versions of these apps are even appearing in places like in vehicles and homes. This except will offer 4 tips for making your first chatbot project successful.

Understand the Right Purpose of the Chatbot

Understanding the importance of chatbots in your business is the first step towards the successful integration of a chatbot. Chatbots give users quick access to information by creating an interactive chat-based platform. Users can leverage these platforms to ask questions, seek solutions, or even just say hello. Chatbots are available in platforms such as Facebook messenger, text messaging software, Slack, and tons of other major chat apps. You can implement chatbots in areas where a text is the key means of communication. For instance, you use them to respond to messages across all the social media platforms of your business. A chatbot developed and integrated with a purpose in mind will without a doubt result in excellent user experience.

Ensure the Experts are Involved

If you are developing a client service bot, involve your client service team from development to implementation by making them part of the project team. Developers use example questions to teach bots how to carry out chats with end users. Broad and relevant questions allow a chatbot to execute conversations better once it goes live.

Leverage Deep Analytics to Monitor Your Chatbot from Day One

Analytics allow you to make informed decisions about the efficiency and reliability of a chatbot. Every change and upgrade to your bot should rely on genuine data from insights on the behavior of your chatbot in the real world. You need to have your bot integrated with data collection tools to help you gather information on each user interaction for consequent analysis. If your users can’t complete a certain transaction, examine the conversational flow to locate where the problem is happening. This analysis will help you make the correct adjustments to your bot. You will receive some of the most instrumental insights when you introduce new services to the market, so it is important to have an efficient analytics capability integrated into your chatbot setup before deploying it.

Be Candid with the User by Admitting it is a Bot

The current technology lacks the capability of producing an artificial life form, which can entirely think, act, and react to circumstances as humans can. Sometimes your bot will encounter situations it cannot understand or handle. When your users are aware that they are dealing with a chatbot and not a human, they will be more forgiving when such situations occur.

Chatbots are transforming workplace as we understand it, and the best way to steer your company to success is to provide your clients with unparalleled experience while ensuring your teams are happy and inspired. You should invest in skills and technologies necessary for building and maintenance of chatbots. If you invest wisely, you will impress your users and achieve better engagement and contentment.

Increasing Your Business Using Electronic Signs

Increasing Your Business Using Electronic Signs

According to Fit Small Business, there are more than 28.8 million businesses in the United States that are considered to be small businesses. Small businesses are not exactly known for staying open for many years and being successful. Actually, statistics continue to show that only half of the small businesses that open up only survive no more than 5 years before being forced to shut down. Many people have a misconception of how small businesses run and the harsh reality of maintaining it. In America, running a small business can be extremely competitive and difficult to maintain. There are so many different other small businesses opening up monthly and doing the same thing that every other small business is doing. Many of these small businesses have to devote countless hours and effort into competing with these other small businesses. In order to stay in business, these small businesses have to fight for gaining the interest of many possible consumers. Using digital signage may be one of the best investments you can possibly make to maintain the success of your small business.

According to Fundera, a majority of small businesses that end up being forced to close, close because of cash-flow problems. When small businesses start running out of money from a lack of revenue, they end up falling behind in making their business loan payments. In addition to not being able to make their business loan payments, they run behind on being able to afford expenses for their business to run properly. Cash-flow problems in a small business can definitely create a hardship and can also be difficult to overcome. Preventing cash flow problems in a small business is the smartest thing that you could possibly do for your company. The best way to continue to when the interest of many consumers improving your marketing. This marketing strategy is the new way of keeping up with technology and marketing. It also allows your company to build and establish a good reputation for many consumers. Many consumers like to see that small businesses are up-to-date with technology and have no issues with advertising their business.

If your business has been suffering for quite some time with cash flow issues, you may want to consider trying new strategies. Upping your marketing strategy may be one of the best things you can do for your small business. The better your marketing is, the more consumers you will win over. Try to take time to review your small businesses budget and marketing to see how you can fit in alternative resources. You want to try to make sure that your marketing is up-to-date with technology, as well as it has the proper resources to perform and win over consumers.

Overall, making sure that your marketing is up-to-date as the best thing you can do for now. You want to always develop new methods in improving your marketing strategies. Winning over consumers is your main goal for maintaining your business and continuously bringing in the cash flow.

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a business. Thankfully, even if your own isn’t quite up to par, you can improve it with a little dedication and a willingness to make the right changes. Here are just a few tips for better customer service!

1. Ditch the Scripts

No one wants to feel like they’re talking to a robot instead of a human being. While it’s fine to give talking points and suggested scripts to your employees, don’t force them to conform. Let them answer questions and resolve conflicts with a certain amount of autonomy. If you don’t trust them to handle customers without line-by-line dialogue from a company handbook, you don’t trust them at all.

2. Train Your Employees

In the same vein as the above, if you’re worried about the performance of your customer service agents, the easiest solution is to train or re-train them. Teach them how to deal with the most common customer complaints, and walk them through role-playing scenarios with angry or upset callers. Don’t let them interact with legitimate customers until you’re confident in their ability to handle it.

3. Open More Lines of Communication

Some people hate talking on the phone. Others don’t have the web connectivity to use live chats or social media. The best customer service departments have multiple ways for people to get in contact with their business, so don’t be afraid to open up several different lines of communication. Let your customers choose how they’d like to interact with you.

4. Listen to Feedback

Last but certainly not least, always listen to the feedback that customers are giving you. Don’t discount their ideas, suggestions and criticisms just because they don’t fit with your own idea of your business. If your customers are rioting about your new refund policy, it’s time to scrap it.

These are just a few ways to improve customer experience with your business. There are many more, of course, so don’t feel like you have to use the ideas listed here. Think of them as a springboard for your own inspiration.

10 Things to Know Before Considering React Native App Development

10 Things to Know Before Considering React Native App Development

As the demand for making your mobile app available on both the Android and iOS platforms is increasing, the React Native platform is gaining momentum. Business leaders, as well as mobile app developers, are turning towards React Native app development. But, is the platform right for your mobile application development needs? Should you use React Native for app development?

If you are someone facing such questions, this article will be a good read for you. In this article, you will come across the 10 major factors/features of React Native platform with which you will be able to understand the pros and cons of opting this framework. And this way, make a better decision on whether you should consider React Native app development or not.

Sounds good? So, here are those 10 factors that will aid you to make the right choice:

  1. Hot Reloading: One of the main reasons why developers use React Native for mobile app development is Hot reloading. With this property, the React Native app developers can deploy all the changes and see the outcome on their screens in real-time. This speeds up their development process and saves more time for focusing on the user experience.
  2. Open-source: Being open-source, React Native libraries are more compatible with other platforms like TvOS and Windows. This implies, the framework is a better option to choose, if you are planning to make your app available on other platforms as well.
  3. Ease to Learn: When compared to native app development, the React Native platform has a steep learning curve. You might take a month or two before getting familiar with developing using this framework. But, if you are someone who is quite familiar with Redux, JavaScript development, Flow Layouts, or React, you will be able to speed up your learning course.
  4. Earlier Launch: React Native works by incorporating the JavaScript files in the mobile app and running them locally. While also keeping them on a server remotely by fetching their latest version via connectivity. This enables the React Native app developers to update their application rapidly since they need not go through the app store’s review process.
  5. Low Development Cost: React Native enables reusing the platform-independent code while creating a cross-platform application. This cut down around 30% of the development hours, which ultimately lower down the mobile app development cost as well.
  6. Higher Quality of Code: Since most of the coding can be reused, the React Native application development companies get more time to work on building efficient codes. This reduces the code length, restrict the bugs and errors, and therefore, improve the code quality.
  7. Native Coding: Many app developers believe that you need to ditch Native app development to work with React Native. However, it is not so. Though React Native is basically dependent on JavaScript, you still need native codes for incorporating various features like Push notifications, Deep linking, and Native UI components to your application.

According to the top mobile app development companies, about 80% of the code is written in JavaScript, while the rest is written with the help of native code only.

  1. Third Party Libraries: React Native lags behind Android and iOS when it comes to accessibility to third-party libraries. The mobile app development framework has comparatively lesser libraries that work as expected.
  2. Documentation: Though it has been heard that with the announcement of a re-architecture of the React Native, a comprehensive documentation will also be rolled out soon. However, until then, it is quite tough to remain acquainted with all the features and challenges related to the development process.
  3. Collaboration to Native SDKs Update: The React Native team is undoubtedly faster to roll out updates. However, the priority to integrate the latest Android/iOS into the platform depends on the request every API gets from the React Native app developers’ end. Because of this, some features/APIs goes overlooked.

Still having any doubt? Want to know more about React Native app development? Leave a comment below.

The Importance of a Mining Compliance Report

The Importance of a Mining Compliance Report

Why Compliance with The Mining Charter is Crucial to Operations

The Broad-Based Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry is more commonly known and referred to as the Mining Charter. The Mining Charter and its scorecard are intended to measure the progress by stakeholders in conjunction with achieving the aims of the charter.

The Mining Charter and its Scorecard were revised in 2010 to include the promotion of sustainable development and growth in the mining industry. This is only fitting as much of South Africa’s economy was built on the success of its mineral deposits and ethically retrieving said minerals.

Compliance with the Mining Charter ensures workers and South Africa can benefit from the country’s buried treasures, as any mining consultants in Africa will tell you.

The Mining Charter dictates:

  • That a percentage of the annual payroll goes towards skills development to empower all demographics in the country and strengthen South Africa’s workforce.
  • That all demographics are represented in the decision-making positions of mining operations.
  • That Integrated Development Plans be conducted in order to determine the contribution to the mining community in conjunction with operations.
  • That housing and living standards for mine workers meet a certain standard.
  • That the mining industry procures goods and products from BEE compliant entities to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth within South Africa.
  • That all companies report back on their level of compliance with the Mining Charter each year in the form of a Mining Compliance Report.

Why Failure to Comply or Submit a Mining Compliance Report is Not an Option

If you fail to submit your annual report or are blatantly uncompliant with the clearly set rules of the Mining Charter you will be at risk of your project being suspended. This is the most lenient of the possible consequences though as non-compliance leaves you and your company liable to lose your mining rights and permits, meaning business will come to a screeching halt for an indefinite period of time.

Mining consultancy services can ensure you are covered in all aspects and that your annual Mining Compliance Report is on-time and in order, every time. Contact us to get your mining operations on track.

Protecting Your Assets with On-site Convenience

Protecting Your Assets with On-site Convenience

Protecting Your Assets with On-site Convenience

Every state requires motorists to have insurance on their vehicles. You cannot legally drive anywhere in the country without having either liability or full coverage insurance on your car, truck, or other automobile.

Even so, you may not have the time to shop around for a new insurance policy. You need to get in contact with an agent quickly so you can find out what your premiums will be and how much of a deductible you will need to pay. As you shop around for policies, premiums, and car insurance rates Sacramento drivers like you may prefer that the agent comes to your house rather than you having to make a trip to the agent’s office.

Personalized Service

Every minute of your day may be booked up with work, school, or other commitments. You may be so busy that you barely have time to eat a meal let alone shop for insurance. When you come home after a long day, the last thing you want to do is go back out to meet with an insurance agent.

However, as you can discover online, the agent from the company can come to your house to discuss with you what kind of policy is best for your vehicles. You do not have to leave home but instead can get all of the information you need to start a new policy right from the comfort of your own home. You can relax and listen to what the agent has to say without feeling pressured because you are sitting in his or her office.

The agent can also come to your location if you need to make a claim against your policy. You might need damage from an accident or a storm assessed to determine whether or not the car is totaled or if it can be salvaged. This courtesy spares you from having to tow your car to a mechanic or body shop to have it appraised.

You are a busy person and may lack the time to shop for insurance. You can get on-site assistance with starting a policy and other services today.


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