Children’s Rights & Business Principles

Children’s Rights & Business Principles

Companies want to generate and deliver value to its clients and stakeholders. Take all this into account and abruptly far from becoming a casual thing men and women are functioning round the clock to meet period finish deadlines to get the small bonus that might make the difference among earning peanuts that month or absolutely nothing at all.

Now as soon as I got your personal speak to specifics, I will send you an agreement letter so you can go through it, sign it and send it back to me. I will afterwards send you 50% of the GOLD and following you sale and send me back the quantity as we shall agree on the price of the gold I sold to you I will send you the remaining 50%.

It seems to me that you hold a view of Virtue ethics, if the enterprise shows a genuine social duty to the stakeholders then the organization will benefit from the benefits of these newly formed relationships and your view suggest that there is evidence of supporting R. Edward Freeman’s Stakeholder theory.

This query is primarily an open answer as it depends on the particular person who has been allocated the duty to make the choices on behalf of the organisation to not only be socially responsible at requirements set by government and beyond or to fulfil the contract they signed with the business owner or shareholders stating the job description they have devised for the position.

If they want to limit their capacity to earn money and develop their enterprise based on any quantity or racial or gender discrimination, they need to be allowed to do so. Once more, this is not a commentary on the moral issues linked with racism or sexism, but on the private freedoms involved.


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