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The Anti-Marketing Agency was a collaboration in between myself and dozens of other artists operating on the themes of marketing and public space. I planned on running the project for one particular year and in that time the AAA project exceeded my expectations in every single way. More than the final six years I’ve worked with some incredible people, created things we by no means thought possible, and even removed a few billboards.

Lebih dari 1,four miliar orang menggunakan Facebook untuk terhubung dengan sesuatu yang penting bagi mereka, dan lebih dari 900 juta kunjungan setiap hari. 1 Saat Anda menjalankan Iklan Facebook, Anda memilih pemirsa yang melihatnya berdasarkan lokasi, usia, minat dan lain-lain.

Now that publishers have conditioned their print subscribers to paying an ever-greater share of the expenses of making and delivering the paper, they ought to declare victory and turn their attention to building robust and loyal digital audiences. They will want ever much more digital readers to sustain their franchises as their superannuated print readers – the median readership at most papers is 60-plus – head toward the demographic cliff.

As if the net, mobile and social media were not enough to worry about, 4 new digital platforms are emerging to challenge the legacy publishers and broadcasters struggling to preserve the audiences and ad dollars that created them mighty.

The startup week featured dozens of sessions with how-to talks, demos, pitches by organizations that assistance startups, etc. Kevin Winston of Digital LA kicked the week off with an overview presentation on the startups, the organizations that support them with capital and services and firms like his that help the community. He mentioned only New York City and Silicon Valley have a lot more startup activity than LA and he produced the point by listing examples of successful firms, massive buyout offers and the numbers of startups and supporting organizations.

A lot of excellent information on the influence of marketing – particularly to our young children. That YouTube, The Corporation, is just plain scary. Even scarier than the indoctrination of our kids to buy particular products is the never ever-ending push by all media sources to influence the moral values of our kids. Well completed. Thank you for sharing.


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