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Malibu Surfside News

Zimbabwe, a landlocked nation in Southern Africa, has passed by way of peaks and troughs of efficiency and effectiveness considering that the dawn of colonialism and supplies an intriguing case study for the Southern African area. Now, we see all these new plans blooming and propping up, which by they way, is a couple of months away from the election of 2014 So, the Spin Physicians are working around the clock in South Africa to win the hearts and minds of the voters to vote the ANC, with all these promises, and but yet hisotry attest differently.

Nowadays the politics of voting and science of politics in South Africa are dysfunctional and has resulted in maladministration propped by corruption, nepotism, what I call ‘exileship’, and the robbing/pilfering of the public coffers as if they are limitless.

The AbM has asserted its right to make its personal strategic selections, stating over the final nine years we have protected our autonomy from NGOs extremely cautiously even though we do work with some NGOs … a lot of men and women and organizations on the left do not accept that we have the proper to feel our personal struggle and to make our personal decisions … these individuals see our choice as stupid and as a sell-out although they are nowhere to be seen in our instances of great difficulty”.

They displayed their guardianship of the economic with critical ferocity that is stillg going to bare its teeth and reign its wrath on all thse who consider that they are going to talk their way into power, and replace the present cadre of the ANC.

These of us who have bee fighting it for years, know that as a reality and are constantly and regularly fighting it not here on FB or Television, and other White owned media, but deal with it from from the the ground and locations we live in. speaking here on Fb is easy, performing what we are now undertaking, is extremely hard and at occasions discouraging.


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