Shopping for a Bail Bondsman

Shopping for a Bail Bondsman

As scary as it may be, the day may come when you get a call from someone close to you who’s been arrested and needs your help to get released from jail. If you’re like most of us, you wouldn’t have a clue about what to do next.

Luckily, there are people who know exactly what to do, because they do it for a living. They’re called bail bondsmen. By signing a bail bond contract with one of them, you start the process to free your family member or friend. They’ll be able to sleep in their own bed, eat the food they like, keep working or going to school and do whatever they usually do instead of sitting behind bars while waiting to go to court.

Finding a Good Bail Bondsman

Because you’ll have to pay your bail bondsman a nonrefundable fee for bailing out your loved one, you want to be confident you’re hiring the best one. So it’s a good idea to make a shopping list of the qualifications your choice needs.

For example, a bondsman arapahoe county colorado must be a U.S. citizen aged 18 or older who’s completed 24 hours of educational courses in bail bonds and bail recovery and 50 hours of pre-licensing training. Each state has its own bail bondsman qualification requirements, so restrict your shopping list to the ones in yours.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Once you’ve come up with a list of qualified possibilities, take the time to narrow it down even more. Eliminate any bail bondsmen whose offices aren’t fairly close to the jail where your loved one is being held. Then interview the remaining ones to see how willing they are to answer your questions about the bail bond process.

Finally, ask how long they’ve worked with you local courts and legal authorities. When it comes to dealing with the legal system, having a bail bondsman who’s part of the “inner circle” is always a huge plus!


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