Top ways to sell your products effectively in 2019

Top ways to sell your products effectively in 2019

If you run a business that sells products, then finding ways to sell more is always top priority. After all, more sales equals more revenue and more profit in the long term. This can sometimes seem hard in the current business world though with so many businesses selling their products to consumers. Most business sectors now can feel pretty crowded, especially online. This can make it seem hard sometimes to stand out from the crowd and sell what you offer effectively.

As 2018 draws to its wintery close, you will already be planning ahead for 2019. All business leaders will be looking at what has happened this year to move forward effectively into the next. For any product-centered organization, this will naturally involve looking at how to sell more of their goods to consumers.

Awesome ways to sell products in 2019

If you are struggling for inspiration in this area, then here are some fabulous tips to help out:

  • E-commerce – if you are selling to consumers in the modern business world, then you need to be online. E-commerce is simply huge, with an expected market value of over $4tn by 2021. This means that it is essential to sell online in 2019 if you do not already. This could be setting up a dedicated e-commerce website in a popular platform such as Magento or having a page on your current website selling merchandise. If you do not sell online in 2019, then you are missing out on a huge, potentially lucrative market.
  • Engage with customers on social media – most consumers now use major social media giants such as Twitter to engage with companies. This means that you also need to do this to sell to them and showcase your products. The best thing about this is that it is totally free to do! By taking the time to regularly update your social media accounts and converse with the public, you will be promoting your products on a global scale to sell more. If you do not do this already, then it is a great tip for 2019.
  • Attend trade shows or events – many product-related businesses will use this as a major way of boosting sales. Hosting a stall at a big industry show will not only expose you to more consumers but will also showcase your products to other businesses. This combination of B2C and B2B marketing will make sure that you sell even more products in 2019. If you like to work online mainly, then you could even organize your own virtual event or take a stall at one online.
  • Blogger outreach – one great way to create a buzz around your products to drive more sales is to find blog owners with whom to work. It must be done in an organic and relevant way, but top-quality blog posts designed to promote your products or brand can help you reach lots more people. This can also be done via social media where influencers on the various platforms can help you to reach more consumers.
  • Internet marketplaces – as well as selling online via your own website, it is also wise to use internet marketplaces in 2019 if you do not do so already. Massive names such as Amazon help to showcase your products to millions of people globally and certainly more than would find them on your own website. Many companies will use these marketplaces to sell more products and with less effort than driving people to their own website.

Selling on Amazon successfully

When it comes to selling on Amazon, to really get it right, you need to know what you are doing. It is not quite as simple as throwing a listing together and hoping for the best! Selling effectively via Amazon requires knowledge of SEO tips that work there and how to create your listing so that it shows up highly when people search. This is quite a specialist field, so you may well be best using Amazon merchant services to help – if you are unsure as to what this involves, then read this overview.

Get set for success in 2019

As 2019 comes closer, it is vital to have your business plans in place. This will ensure that you start the year off on the front foot and are not left lagging behind competitors. The above tips all give some simple yet effective ways to sell more when it finally arrives. With 2019 set to be a fabulous year for business, making sure that you are placed to take full advantage is key.


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